‘Temporals’ explores the fluidity and impermanence of human memories. It is a simulation of memories that unfold over a period of 512 days, capturing the essence of ephemerality.

A series of 222 artworks, each piece is loosely inspired by the artist duo's collective personal memories. It documents everyday life, moments of joy and sadness, dreams, nightmares, and wishes. It is a peek into the lives of the artists and an invitation to a collective shared experience with each passing phase, with each piece transforming two to five times.

Intentionally used distinct visual styles allow the artists to articulate the progression of each individual experience. Evolving metadata and traits documented here are in line with the transient nature of said memories, whilst also commenting on the mutability that exists in the blockchain-based art realm. Once a piece changes, collectors will no longer have access to the previous image. Through this work, the artists implore collectors to actively follow the journey of each Temporal.


The initial Temporals are synthetic images generated via AI tools—Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. They are further processed using various dithering algorithms to create a cohesive aesthetic. A set of diverse image processing algorithms and techniques was developed using p5.js and Processing. Each Temporal is transformed using one of the generative techniques from the set.


Plutonium Fitzgerald is an artist, collector, and curator. He holds a postgraduate degree in design and new media from NYU and has been actively involved in the digital art space since 2020. In addition to being a part of the curation committees at FingerprintsDAO and GrailersDAO, Plutonium has curated an exhibit with Art Blocks and a group show with FellowshipAI. In 2023, he started EXTROPY with Krispare.

Krishna Parekh, aka Krispare, is an artist and a lawyer. She completed her postgraduate studies at UCLA and continued to explore the intricacies of IP, technology, and entertainment law. Thanks to Plutonium, Krispare was drawn into the world of digital and generative art, a realm where her legal expertise and artistic inclinations converged. In 2023, she co-founded EXTROPY with Plutonium.

mint info

Temporals minted out on 15th February, 2024. Primary sale is over and you can purchase them on the secondary market here.


Artists — Plutonium Fitzgerald, Krispare

Smart contracts + webdev — Backseats

This project incorporates or adapts techniques created by Tomasz Sulej under the public domain equivalent license ‘Unlicense’. Special thanks to 0x113d, Snoozed Sneeze, Sam Spike, Alejandro Cartagena, trad0r, and Backseats.